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The Four Weeks To Freedom is a straightforward guide on how to setup an Internet business without burning a hole in one’s pocket. Zamri and Patric provide a detailed description on how to do this very effectively while maintaining family values and ties. This book is a precious gold nugget that cannot be missed. GET IT NOW!

Azizi Ali
Malaysia’s #1 Financial Author, Speaker & Trainer

Congratulations, Zamri!

The Four Weeks To Freedom is a book that’s eye-opening and jam-packed with useful information. What’s more important is that this information is coming from two most respected Internet marketers in the country. The methods, strategies and tactics on building a real internet business are practical and based on actual experience.

You can be sure you’ll get only the BEST from this book.

Abang Abu
A millionaire Speaker & Trainer, Author and Reliable Coach

The Four Weeks To Freedom is a book that anyone who wants to make money from the internet shouldn’t miss reading. It gives you the blueprint to start a real internet business – not just some quick gimmicks on how to make a little penny here and there. If you follow the advice and tips in the book, I’m confident that you will succeed.

Congratulations Zamri, on a book well written!

Dato’ Dr. Rusly Abdullah (Dato’ Chef Li)
Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Trainer

Segala info yang diberikan oleh Zamri Nanyan membuka mata saya mengenai kaedah perniagaan dan cara untuk menjana pendapatan tambahan melalui internet. Walaupun saya bukanlah seorang Internet Marketer, tetapi melalui email yang sering dihantar memberikan saya peluang untuk mencubanya. Tahniah buat Zamri Nanyan kerana anda adalah salah seorang pelopor didalam dunia internet marketing. Jika membeli produk – produk keluaran Zamri Nanyan, anda pasti tidak kecewa. Kualiti yang tidak dapat disangkal disamping support yang hebat menjadikan Zamri Nanyan Internet Marketer yang berinterigriti tinggi. Jika anda ingin memulakan perniagaan internet, saya cadangkan supaya memilih Zamri Nanyan sebagai Coach. Good luck and all the best to Zamri !

Dr. Shah Razali (DSR)